“In Spanish, We Speak Backwards”

I had the pleasure of witnessing one of Aquil’s tutoring sessions with Dominick.  Dominick is working with Aquil to break his habit of relying on Google Translate, as it doesn’t translate things in the appropriate context.  Here, you see Dominick and Aquil practicing translations.

In this video excerpt, Aquil’s tutor Dominick quizzes him in translating a few phrases from Spanish to English.

Aquil was able to successfully translate the following:

  • Él esta nervioso. –> He is nervous.

  • Él no quiere estar aquí pero él no tiene opción. –> He does not want to be here but he does not have an option.

  • Ha perdido su trabajo, su casa, su familia y la mayoría de sus amigos. –> He has lost his job, home, family, and most of his friends.







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