“Don’t Use Google Translate!”

Below, another video of Aquil practicing translations with his tutor, Dominick.

In this video excerpt, Dominick analyzes Aquil’s choice of words while translating Spanish phrases. He notices a few errors that Aquil has retrieved from relying on Google Translate. He states, “Do not use Google Translate for single words, the exception being a phrase”.

Aquil becomes excited to practice the Spanish language and at times, needs to be reminded to slow down and practice. Dominick reminds Aquil to “Habla mas despacio” or “Speak more slowly”.

At one point, Aquil begins to explain where he did his homework by saying, “Hice mi tarea en la computadora … [sic] en una página aquí y aquí” (I did my homework on the computer on a page, here and here).



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