Aquil’s Progress

Aquil has been meeting with his tutor, Dominick, since July 2016.  Aquil greatly enjoys his tutoring sessions.  His face says it all!   Upon completion of the Got Mike! Mini Grant, Aquil plans to maintain his monthly tutoring sessions with Dominick so that he can continue to practice and learn the Spanish language and work towards his dream job of possibly becoming an interpreter one day.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dominick about his sessions with Aquil and he reported that Aquil is one of his favorite students!  Dominick explained that Aquil continues to gain confidence and is speaking more clearly.  Dominick said that they continue to work on slowing down Aquil’s speech as he has the tendency to speak very fast.  Dominic stated that Aquil’s vocabulary and grammar have increased since the start of their sessions.


Pictured above is some of Aquil’s Spanish work


Aquil receiving tutoring sessions from his tutor, Dominick


Aquil and his tutor Dominick in the midst of a tutoring session


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